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Garant Avokado Bitar 250 G

Individuellt bitar av fryst avokado i kuber, passar perfekt i smoothies, guacamole och sallader


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Product information
Individually pieces of frozen avocado in cubes, fits perfectly in smoothies, guacamole and salads. Less and more healthy fat, less sugar and salt, more dietary fiber and whole grains!
Storage: Frozen product, stored at -18 ° C or lower. Should not be frozen again after defrosting. -25° to -18°
Manufactured in: Peru
Nutritional value per 100g
Energi750 kJ
180 kcal
Protein1.1 g
Carbohydrates2.4 g
– Sugars0.5 g
Fat17 g
– Saturated fat4.8 g
Fiber4.6 g
Sodium280 mg
Ingredients: Avocado 97.5%, water, salt, antioxidant (E 300), acidity regulator (E 330).
Thawing: Allow the avocado cubes to thaw on a platter or place the unopened inner bag in cold water.
Nutritional information and table of contents may differ slightly on the website. Always refer to the packaging for correct information.
This is frozen food. Product shown in picture is taken in defrosted state and for reference only.
Vikt06.02 kg