Blå Band Gräddsås Pulver 3p 66g

Blå Band -såser hjälper dig att enkelt och snabbt göra middagen till en framgång. En favorit hos många, tack vare den goda smaken och den enkla tillagningen. Lika bra varje gång! ett paket för 300 ml sås


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Cooking Tips!
-Serve on top of meatballs and mashed potatoes for a traditional Swedish recipe!


WHEAT FLOUR, corn starch, palm fat, CREAM POWDER [12%], salt, yeast extract, LACTOSE, emulsifier (E 451, SOYA LECITHIN), dye (E 150c), MILK PROTEIN, onion, maltodextrin, aroma.

Nutritional value per 100 g
Energy 200kJ/ 50 kcal
Fat 2 g,
Of which saturated fat 0.90 g,
Carbohydrates 5.50 g,
Of which sugar 2.80 g,
Fiber 1 g,
Protein 2 g,
Sodium 320mg


1. Whisk the contents of the bag into a saucepan with 100mL of cold water and/or 200mL of milk.
2. Bring the sauce to the boil, stirring constantly, and simmer for about 3 minutes. Serve!

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