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Västerbottensost Cheese 450G (Best before: 20 Feb 2023)

-100% Made in Sweden
-Hard cheese made from Swedish cow’s milk
-Only use milk from Burträsk area (grass high in minerals) which leads to special taste
-Unique taste: Somewhat salty, bittersweet, creamy, aromatic and red wine taste (but no red wine at all just Cheese)


Västerbottensost is Swedish hard cheese with granular appearance, made from cow’s milk. It has been matured for a minimum of 14 months. It has a unique taste which is somewhat salty, slightly bittersweet, very creamy and aromatic. A cherished condiment to bread, in cooking especially with Swedish meatballs and as an element of any cheese platter. Västerbottensost is an official royal court supplier in Sweden, and has been served at many royal celebrations and Nobel Banquets.

-plenty of tiny holes and granular appearance, light yellow

-Someone called it Swedish’s Parmesan but more creamy
-Swedish people consider it as the king of cheese
-Must-have for many festivals (eg Christmas, Easter, Midsummer and crayfish season)

Food pair:
-bread; red wine+cheese platter; cooking (eg meatball, pizza, pasta or salty pie); and more combinations

-Chiller max 8 degree

Pasteurized northern milk , salt, lactic acid culture, rennet, preservatives E202, E235 and E251.

Nutrition value per 100g:

Energy1650 kJ
390 kcal
Protein24 g
Carbohydrates0 g
Sugar0 g
Fat33 g
Saturated fat21 g
Fiber0 g
Sodium480 mg

Detailed Background:
Västerbottensost ® is a Swedish granular hard cheese made from northern cow’s milk and made at the small dairy in Burträsk in Västerbotten. It has a characteristic, full-bodied taste and a shelf life of at least 14 months. Hard to slice, but still loved for both the sandwich and grated in cooking for pies, tacos or gratin. Also excellent on cheese platter! The cheese has been made since 1872 when the dairymaid Ulrika Eleonora Lindström created the secret recipe. Since 1990, Västerbottensost ® is a Royal Court Supplier and has been served at many royal events and the Nobel dinner. Västerbottensost ® is simply a unique piece of Swedish food history. # Västerbottensost ®is a classic Swedish cheese that was produced for the first time in 1872 in Burträsk, Sweden. The mature, hard cheese is made from cow’s milk and has a unique taste that is characterized by salty, fruity and sour flavors. The cheese enjoys a long tradition and fascinates people just as much today as it did over a hundred years ago. It is a cherished condiment to bread, in cooking and as an element of any cheese platter.