The Humble Co. Natural Toothpaste (Charcoal) 75ml

This toothpaste from The Humble Co.

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This toothpaste from The Humble Co. is brought to you by dentists who care about your oral health,
our environment and children in need of oral care. It is useful for the prevention of: cavities;
bleeding gums; bad breath; plaque; staining, and tooth loss.
Humble Smile Foundation would giving oral care products to children in need for you every purchase on Humble products.
✓ Developed by dentists
who says you can’t have it all?
no more trade-offs, no more good enough. Introducing humble toothpaste, developed by dentists, and loved by nature. carefully formulated to clinically prevent cavities and protect your pearly whites, this toothpaste is crafted with mother nature’s best in mind.
Go out there and show off your biggest smile, you’ve earned it!
✔️ SLS-free
✔️ vegan
✔️ cruelty free
✔️ dentist approved

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