Santa Maria Organic Taco Spice Mix 28g

(Tex Mex Style)
Organic variant of our Mexican spice blend for Tacos.
Contains, among other things, organically grown onions, garlic, peppers and oregano.
Organic Taco Spice Mix is ​​good not only in minced dishes such as minced meat, steaks and fillings but also in fish stews, vegetable dishes and soups.


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Does the bag weigh too light? No, it’s not because we skimp on the ingredients, but because we have removed unnecessary salt, sugar and additives. Good, is not it? Instead, we have added natural seasonings. This means that we need less spice mix for the same amount of protein (eg minced meat) as before. A benefit for well-being, but also for the environment. Smaller packaging and ingredient quantities result in fewer transports and lower carbon dioxide emissions. We call it good aftertaste!

Recipe tips!
-Veggie Fajitas
-Vegan Lasagna


Onions *, cumin *, salt, peppers *, garlic *, sugar *, potato flour *, oregano *, spice extract (chipotle), lemon juice powder *, cayenne pepper *. * Certified organic.


Nutritional value Per 100 g:
Energy (kJ) / (kcal): 1249/297
Fat: 6.5 g
of which saturated fat: 0.7 g
Carbohydrate: 43.0 g
of which sugars: 11.0 g
Fiber: 13.0 g
Protein: 10.0 g
Sodium: 6160mg


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