Santa Maria Chili Con Carne Spice Mix 28g

Chili con Carne is an absolute favorite in the Tex Mex cuisine.
With this spice mix you give an authentic Mexican flavor to your minced meat: full of flavor and richly filled with chili, paprika, cumin and oregano.
~Tex Mex Style

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Recipe tips!

-Spicy Sausage and Chorizo Casserole

Ingredients: Chili pepper (38%),spices(cheese gum,garlic,cayenne pepper),salt,oregano,onion,sugar,potato fiber,spice extract(Chipotle),anti-caking agent (silica).

Nutritional Information Per 100 g:
Energy (kJ)/(kcal): 1153/ 276
Fat: 7.8g
of which saturated fat: 1.3g
Carbohydrate: 31 g
of which sugar: 12g
Fiber: 21g
Protein: 9.8g
Sodium: 7120mg

Package size:
30 g

Nutritional information and table of contents may differ slightly on the website. Always refer to the packaging for correct information.


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