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Roslags Punsch ECO 21 % vol 500ml

Roslags Punsch is a blend of the finest Batavia arrack, Roslagssnaps Plommon and acacia honey. Vanilla and citrus notes. Our plums come from Ekofrukt Hallstahammar. Roslags Punsch is dry – not as sweet as traditional punsch.


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Wednesday 16 March 2022
Today the winners of one of the world’s largest and most prestigious wine and spirit competitions, the IWSC, International Wine & Spirit Competition, are announced. Norrtelje Brenneri is awarded a SILVER for RoslagsPunsch!

21%, 500 ml

“Light, bright rum-like flavors with pepper and spice. The honey adds a soft sweetness as a good complement to the spirit. A sweet, light, sippable drink that deserves to be praised.”

Batavia arrak, plum liquor, sugar, lime, black tea and acacia honey. Water from own well.

Distilling of mashed organic plums from Hallstahammar.
Distilled twice in 150liter copper still with five bottom colon.
Distillation time about four hours
Head, heart and tail are separated.

The finest Batavia arrays are mixed with other products gently in small batches of about 300 liters.
Filtration / bottling
Dilute to 21% alcohol and then filter.
Filled in design bottle of 50 cl.

Taste and use:
RoslagsPunsch is dry – not as sweet as traditional punch. Has hints of vanilla and citrus.
Sweet, spicy flavor with touches of arrack, orange, honey and black tea. In Sweden traditional serve at about 40 °C for pea soup or chilled to 8 °C as avec.
Perfectly suited to PunschRoyal, mix 1/3 punch with 2/3 champagne or sparkling wine.

Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.