Maria Zoéga Brewed Dark-roasted Coffee 450g


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Works according to its core value: “Good coffee is our craft and passion.” So the story behind ZOÉGAS’s finest coffee blends starts. Maria Zoéga is an extra dark pink Skåne cheese with a more full-bodied and long aftertaste. Discover the finely tuned balance between a stronger filling and a lesser acidity that gives a pleasant taste experience and extra character. Pour a cup of really good brew coffee and enjoy the moment – for yourself or with others. One of ZOÉGAS’s finest blends made of 100% Arabic beans, roasted and copper in Helsingborg. With passion for really good coffee since 1886.

​Roasting: 8-8
Fullness: 5-5
Acidity: 1-5

Ingredients: Ground filter coffee for consumer brewers.