Grandiosa Pizza Wrap Cheese & Ham 155 G

What’s really better than pizza? Pizza on-the-go!

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What’s really better than pizza? Pizza on-the-go!

A taste experience filled with the classic combination of cheese and ham. Stone oven baked in Swedish Vansbro of the highest quality! A hassle-free pizza, ready to be heated and enjoyed right out of the box. Yes, it is a pizza in roll.

Product information


  • Milk
  • Grains that contain gluten


-24.0°   —   -18.0°


Produced in:




Nutrition per 100g
11 g Protein
25 g Carbohydrates
7.6 g Fat


Energy912 kJ
218 kcal
Protein11 g
Carbs25 g
Sugar1.9 g
Fat7.6 g
Saturated fat3.2 g
Sodium500 mg


Dough: WHEAT flour, water, rapeseed oil, yeast, salt.Filling: Cheese, smoked ham and pork belly (pork, salt, preservative E250, grape sugar, stabilizer E450, antioxidant E301 and smoking flavor), tomato puree, modified starch, potato fiber, spices (including oregano, chilli, cumin, garlic), yeast extract and spice extract. A pizza has

used 17% cheese, 17% smoked ham and pork belly and 14% tomato puree.


Type: Air Fry, Microwave oven


Air fry: Take out pizza roll from box directly from the freezer in an air fryer, 160°C. Fry for about 12-14 minutes or until surface is golden.

Microwave (800W) -Heat the pizza from frozen 1. Press the marked tabs on the package 2. Heat 3 minutes in microwave on 800W, let rest for a minute 3. Pull off the perforated strip in the middle and remove the top of the package 4. Hold in the bottom of the pack and enjoy your pizza roll! The effect can vary between different microwave ovens and thus also the cooking time.



Hight: 110mm
Width: 200mm
Dept: 110mm


Type: box
Material: paper
Manufacturer: GRANDIOSA
Expiration period from production date: 270 days
Gross weight: 171 g
Net Weight: 151 g

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