Findus Lasagnette 380g

Do you like lasagna? Then you will love Findus’ creamy and tasty Lasagnette!

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Do you like lasagna? Then you will love Findus’ creamy and tasty Lasagnette! Lasagnette is similar to lasagne, but it is easier to eat because the pasta comes in smaller pieces. It is perfect when you want a good and quick meal, but lacks the time in the kitchen that is required. Our Lasagnette is made on small and tasty pasta plates that are mixed together with a smooth béchamel sauce, cheese and a tasty minced meat sauce.

Product information

Allergens: Milk, Gluten

Frozen -25°C to -18°C

Produced in:

Nutrition Value per 100 g

6.9 g protein
17 g carbohydrates
4.4 g fat

Energy581 kJ
138 kcal
Fat4.4 gram
Saturated Fat1.4 gram
carbohydrates17 gram
Sugar3.3 gram
Fiber1.5 gram
Protein6.9 gram
Sodium360 mg
Minced meat sauce 41%: Tomatoes, beef, tomato puree, onions, mushrooms, rapeseed oil, beef broth (beef broth, salt, sugar, onion, rapeseed oil, live stick), garlic, salt, sugar, starch, chili flakes and spices (including paprika powder) Pasta 35%: Water and DURUM WHEAT FLOUR. Bechamel sauce 15%: Water, CHEESE, CREAM, starch, rapeseed oil, WHEAT FLOUR, salt, sugar and black pepper. Vegetables 9%: Beans. The dish includes 8.5% beef and 2.6% cheese.
MICRO (750 W) 1. Cut a cut in the plastic wrap and heat the frozen dish for 6-7 minutes. Stir and let stand for a few minutes before serving.
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