FELIX Goulash Soup, canned 560g

Felix goulash soup is juicy and filling and is just as good for lunch as for dinner.
The soup is without preservatives and has good ingredients such as potatoes, onions, meat and peppers.

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Felix Austrian Goulash Soup is a filling and musty soup with potatoes, meats, onions and peppers. Perfect as a good, quick lunch or simple, warming dinner. Serve with a click of sour cream, parsley and a good bread. In easily opened can and of course without preservatives. Content: Water, beef (20%), onions, potatoes, rapeseed oil, paprika, heat flour, tomato puree, salt, spices and spice extracts (including cumin, liqueur and nutmeg), yeast extract, garlic, modified starch. Pay attention that it is always the packaging table of contents and indicated nutritional value.

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