Blå Band Bearnaise Sauce Powder 3 pack

Blå Band sauces helps you to easily and quickly make dinner a success.
A favourite with many, thanks to the good taste and the easy cooking. Just as good every time! one pack for 300ml sauce


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Cooking Tips! 

You can serve it as a condiment on meat, fish, poultry or vegetables.
Ingredients: Modified starch, palm fat, skimmed milk powder, lactose, salt, onion, emulsifier (E 451 soy lecithin), milk protein, maltodextrin, flavoring, yeast extract, tarragon extract, parsley, egg yolk powder, turmeric, tarragon, rice flour, coloring agent (E 150c).
Nutrition per 100g:
Energy392 kJ
Protein3 g
Carbohydrates18 g
Sugar3.8 g
Saturated fat0.2 g
Fiber1.1 g
Sodium332 mg
Direction of use:
1. Whisk the contents of the bag in 150ml cold water
2. Boil the sauce while stirring and let it simmer for about 1 min.
3. Remove the saucepan,add 50 g butter/margarine.
4. Whisk until the fat melts. Serve!
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