Anamma VegoMexicana 350 G

We are very proud of our good VegoMexikana pizza

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We are very proud of our good VegoMexikana pizza with Anamma vego mince that we bake in Sweden in Dalarna, and it feels really good that this pizza has about 85% lower climate impact than a non-vegan Mexicana pizza.

Storage: Frozen product, stored at -18°C or lower. Should not be frozen after defrosted.

Allergens: Milk, Gluten, Soy

Frozen -25°C to -18°C

Produced in:

Nutritional value per 100g
7 g Protein
27 g Carbohydrates
7.7 g Fat

Energy881 kJ
211 kcal
Protein7 g
Carbohydrates27 g
– Sugar2.3 g
Fat7.7 g
– Saturated fat3.9 g
Fiber0 g
Sodium400 mg

Bottom: WHEAT FLOUR /, water, rapeseed oil, yeast, salt. Filling: Vego mince (water SOY PROTEIN, rapeseed oil, onion, salt, spices, natural aromas, caramelized sugar), water, tomato puree, modified starch, coconut oil, paprika, tomato, green chili pepper, jalapeño, spices and spice extract (including cumin). cumin, garlic and black pepper), sugar, dextrose, salt, bamboo fiber, natural flavor, emulsifier (citric acid, sodium phosphate), dye (paprika oleoresin, beta-carotene). May contain traces of MILK. For a pizza, 18% Vego mince and 3% paprika have been used.

Oven 225 ° C (Convection oven 200 ° C) -Heat the pizza from frozen. 1.Take the pizza out of the box and remove the plastic. 2.Heat the pizza on a plate in the middle of the oven for about 14-16 minutes. The effect can vary between different ovens and thus also the cooking time.

Height: 253 mm
Width: 253 mm
Depth: 253 mm
Type: Box
Material: Paper

Other information
Shelf life: 360 day
Gross weight: 411 g
Net weight: 350 g

Weight350 kg

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