ABBA Swedish Fish Balls in Broth 375g

Abba fish balls consist of fine fillets of haddock, cod and saithe from MSC certified fish stocks.


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Product information
Nutrition per 100g
Energy314 kJ
75 kcal
Protein4.10 g
Carbs4.70 g
Sugar0.70 g
Fat4.50 g
Saturated fat0.80 g
Fiber0 g
Sodium1200 mg
Fish balls: FISH MEAT (56%), MILK, water, potato flour, rapeseed oil, salt, spice extract (including nutmeg). Sauce: water, CREAM, rapeseed oil, corn starch, LOBSTER MEAT (1%), tomato puree, FISH EXTRACT, salt, spices (including peppers), thickeners (fruit kernel flour), paprika extract, natural aroma (contains FISH and MILK). Abba fish balls in lobster sauce contain 51% fish balls. Of the total contents of the package, 28% are fish meat and 0.5% lobster meat.
Opened packaging should be stored in a refrigerator and consumed within 2 days.