Mr Meatball Hong Kong are focusing on Swedish frozen quality food. With raw materials and ready-made food of the highest quality, we want to make Hong Kong consumers aware of the benefits of frozen food as well as to discover the best of Swedish brands.

We offer the most well-known Swedish food brands, whether it’s food from the sea, plant-based products or meat products. We have put a lot of effort into working with brands that use Swedish produce. We are proud to ensure our consumers about the origin of the products, for example, that the chicken is guaranteed Swedish. Which means they are hatched, bred, slaughtered and processed in Sweden. Swedish breeders are responsible for providing good animal husbandry, environment and food hygiene as well as safety standards. Therefore we prioritize brands that provide country of origin labeling and clearly display where their products are from, such as, “Svensk fågel” i.e “Swedish bird” as an example.

We have seen a big demand from the Hong Kong market for high quality frozen food. The Swedish brand is perceived as healthy, sustainable and safe. Products produced in Sweden has, therefore, become the key focus for Mr Meatball in order to ensure the origin of the products and maintain the high-quality standard, leading the consumer to know the whole process.

Covid-19 has forced many people in Hong Kong to prepare more food at home and changed the eating habits of the high-paced Hong Kong population that normally consumes a large percentage of their meals in restaurants.

The new cooking trend in Hong Kong of using air fryers has increased the demand for frozen food. The air fryer reduces the time of cooking and has become a convenient gadget in the kitchen. This can also be seen on the basis of the selection of products offered by Mr Meatball, as most of the products are air fryer-friendly.



The Mr Meatball brand was created to target both the local consumers of Hong Kong, as well as the international community. It was developed to reflect the core values of the company which is:

  • Swedish
  • Food joy
  • Good value for money

The Meatball as a symbol was chosen because it depicts the most famous Swedish dish – meatballs. People all over the world associates meatballs with Swedish cuisine. It also happens to be one of our most popular products and a staple of our product portfolio.


Our retail concepts

We have two retail concepts for the Hong Kong market:

Mr Meatball from Sweden

Retail store concept with almost exclusively frozen products from Scandinavia. The product portfolio aims to introduce the most classic and well-known dishes and brands from Sweden to the Hong Kong market. The interior design of the stores is white, bright, clean and clear. Our central frozen warehouse provides fast and reliable frozen supply chain deliveries to keep the stores stocked and ready to cater to the growing demand of the Hong Kong market. Backed by state of the art IT systems we offer a personalized true omni-channel experience for our customers, we offer tailored communication, traceability and order history for all purchased, both in store and online. Our members club gives our returning customers a big discount as a thanks for being loyal customers.

The first flag-ship store was opened in Prince Edward on 105 Ki Lung Street. We have an expansion planned for the coming years.

If you want to be involved as a partner, reseller, employee or franchisee – please get in touch with us today.

Mr Meatball on the Corner

We recognize that some customers in Hong Kong prefers to buy takeout rather than cooking and preparing the food at home. Mr Meatball on the Corner takes the Swedish food experience to the masses, by providing affordable and healthy food to the consumers of Hong Kong. Thanks to the growing popularity of food delivery apps like Uber Eats and Food Panda, we choose our restaurant locations strategically to cover a large area of consumers with each retail location. The first locations are planned to open in Q1 2021.

If you want to be involved as a partner, reseller, employee or franchisee – please get in touch with us today.