About us

Mr. Meatball named Mr. Meatball for a closer and friendly image. We are not only selling meatballs, but also bring a wide range of Nordic frozen raw materials or ready-made food, so you can try a bit of Swedish in Hong Kong. We hope all of you will know more about Sweden, Swedish brands and food culture.

Online Store only: https://bit.ly/3N31JCf

Press/ Media

聖誕食啲乜|瑞典凍肉店老闆重口味推介「臭魚」:瑞典人聖誕必吃鯡魚 特大柴火烤脆麵包大過塊面! #餓底TV 

肉丸先生 深水埗瑞典急凍食品專門店!日賣2,000粒招牌肉丸+必食瑞典豬手薯粒 |區區搵食